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Order of Al Ha'Sheen

The Order of Al'Hasheen is a manifestation and a Well of the old seers temperament, alignment, and the paths of gnosis fortified by lineage; which spread back not only to the linear starting point of religion but predates it and holds true to the metaphysical essence and does not hold the misconception of the Behavioral Sufism Practices (New Age Equivalence) but rather the order of  Al Ha'sheen  follows the full steps of the old seers that predate both Islam, and religion as  whole.

The lore and Narrative spread back to previous timelines including Pre and other than Human intelligences and is not limited purely by the human mind or experience but spreads beyond other timelines and incarnation cycles. As such, a seeker have to make a decision about if they are approaching this work as a linear historical study or actually approach it as a body of knowledge that presents an alternative view of potential possibilities that are outside of current incarnation reach.

If someone selects to go about it Linearly then it will yield exoteric and common Belief or what we termed the behavioral path; an approach that is gravelly undesirable for Metaphysical inquiry and application.

Yet if someone approaches this established Oral body of knowledge on its own syntax, presenting an alternative narrative of the human perceptual possibilities, origin and evolutionary lines; meaning, that are willing to look at the framework outside of their own intellectual roadmap, Then the starting point is not Belief; the starting point herein proper is Partaking.

"Man Zaq Arif" - Who partakes and Taste Knows. This Sufic axiom is probably one of the most famous saying of today, meaning that the point of starting is experiencing, and the point of arrival is Knowing.. Gnosis. This by itself illustrates the primary difference between Behavioral Sufism and equivalency of the western new-age movement. Which demands in one form or another a starting point of  belief, No different than any Exoteric religious formulae.

The Path of Tari'Qah reflects upon a continuous uninterrupted  metaphysical cosmology refined over thousands of years through lineage and guarded by initiation of the methods of entry into the Hyper Ruh' space and magical universes detailing the exact nature of altered states of attention and the exact route or Stations/states one moves from and through to align on the exact astral loci of the Old Seers. Both: technique and concept establishes and differentiate a TariQa from the other. 

The order of Al'Hasheen is a charted pathway to experience all possible perceptional positions on the Luminous Body filed of attention. The ultimate goal of such endeavor is to maintain individual attention after mortal death. That is the true expression of perceptual freedom to a Sufi after the human form.

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