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Talismans and power Objects


Genuine and Authentic Rouh'ani articles, Sacred Objects, and Sufic Talismans.

Here you will find Bone talismans, Stone, animal and thread. ​All objects are

collected and worked in their tradition including few from the Mameluke and seljuk era.


SIb'ha Spirit Catcher


SIbha, spirit catcher, One of the essential Sorceric power tools within the Estern Systems and the Sufic Current.   


Ad'ud Charm Talisman for Sib'ha


This Ad'ud is a complementry upgrade to any Sibha , the skull , bones and silver beads form a counter for advanced Zikr Formulae. The skull talisman is directlly linked to the sufic current Ally and ancestral pathways. These are intiatory marks and traditionally milestones of the on the craft path.

thoaban 2.JPG

Thoa'ban Serpent Rouh


Tho'aban SUfic Serpent Talisman. Concoledating the Rouh Soul of the Thoa'ban Serpent in Karaz , with talisman and box. Avery potent have all the general powers of the serpent minor stones plus influencing obedience from, popularity, status and it does all the invasive things in a very light and loving way meaning if you can influence someone to obey you they will do it out of love. Unequaled protection and an anchor for Thoa'ban Ally.

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