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Jinn Operation Lvl 1

(8) 2 Hour Sessions - 16 Total Class Hours Book first 2 hours

  • 2 hours
  • 1,800 US dollars
  • Online or In Person

Service Description

3rd shadow sorcery starts, having something separate from you but has effect within your surroundings. This works with casualty, against causality, and no casualties. Reconstructing the Ancestral bridge of light (antakarana) Evocation and invocation Manipulations Binding Oaths/pacts Khdma Taskir – structure of operation Familiars of every inhabitant place Electing proper names and times for the workings Sending the familiar inhabitants away (om’mar) Composing the incantation from the previously learned geometrical distillations Structure of the Incantation Prayer Incantation Oath Zagr – Assertion Proper ending operation Sending the kings and Jinn back Returning the familiar inhabitants to the place Sealing Hierarchy of angels Hierarchy of jinn Hierarchy of Demons Spirits, angels, and souls for the 7 days and 7 orbits of the spheres Connecting to the 7 days and orbits. Learn to do - The well of souls – Advanced Mandal operation (tying two mandalas to each other) Electric and magnetic inks (Higher and lower inks)

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Sufic Sorcery

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