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Cosmology Lvl 1 -

(8) 2 Hour Sessions - 16 Total Class Hours Book first 2 hours

  • 2 hours
  • 1,000 US dollars
  • Online or in person

Service Description

During this Cosmology level 1, the student will embark on the process of creating a Small Sufic Mandel for invocation, evocation, remote viewing, and 1st attention scanning. This process will help intensify these abilities and link with the inner world of the 1st shadow intrusions and intelligence's and will ink into the Sufic current left side smoke, allowing affiliation and contact within the current. This will help establish a right side ally for the working through the Mandel. Ie the tiger, lion, white lion. With this allie, you will be able to advance within the inner workings to the next stage of the deeper workings. You will have direct experience working with the major 13 herbs and spend time cultivating the herbs you will need for the workings. Along with this, you will also learn how to make inks for the dark and light temperaments or also considered the electrical and magnetic fluids. This is all along with the 10 major classes which are part of the Cosmology Level 1. Cosmology Level 1 1) 13 Petal Lotus Flower 2) Electric and magnetic Fluid 3) Inner Assembled energy Structure 4) The Four Travels a. From creation to abstract truth b. From abstract truth by creation to abstract truth c. Abstract truth to Creation d. From Creation by abstract truth to creation 5) Cyclical time a. Circulating the vibratory steam 6) The 7 moveable points a. Stationary positions and Hot zones b. Moveable locations c. Pathways for circulating the steam 7) 5 keys and the 5 gates a. Time calculations b. Position of moon and Sun timing 8) The three presences “ Alhadraht” a) 1st perception b) Shadow abyss c) Unknowable 9) 10 minds triangle a. Triangulating the mind 1) Circles a. Descending memoric pathways b. Ascending esoteric understanding c. Divine Names d. Dark and Light emanations e. Middle point of Emotions f. 5 gates and the triangles

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Sufic Sorcery

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