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Jun 27, 2021
In Outer Order
Requirements for Grades. Each Grade has a masculine/feminine name with an animal totem and rohania. A visual to help see the structure. 1st grade Ha'zi Ha'zia (the Seeker) Totem: Spider Rohania: Ancaboot Requirements: serious reflection and report. Someone actually seeking and wanting to go beyond. Trying to solidifies one's subjective experience and validate how it is with the objective experience. Arriving to be at the center of their own cosmos. 2nd grade Sa'hir Sa'hira (Practical Sorcerer Magi) Totem: Bat Rohania: Wat'wat Requirements: operation, published work, and mastery of sorcery. Someone who is a practical sorcerer, that took his subjective views from the cosmos aligned it to be objective and was able to distill mechanics out of it and be effective in anything. Real practical sorcery, magic, learning, and metaphysical application. 3rd grade Hu'mz Hu'mza' (View Mechanics in any System) Totem: Wolf Rohania: El deeb Requirements: threat sorcery Guides 2 people. Can view the underlining distilled mechanics in any tradition because of this threat sorcery is a must mastery. 4th grade Ka'hin Ka'hina' (the Cunning) Totem: Serpent Rohania: Al Thoa'ban Requirements: Guides 3 people. Signifying Inner Temple. Knows the procedures of every rite, passage, ceremony and ritual. Has inner knowledge of sorcery and philosophical knowledge. Main operators, demanding grade. Highest form of Priesthood. 5th grade Zo'lila Zat'illat (Voice of Seerers) Totem: Tiger Rohania: Al Ba'bir Requirements: Guides 4 people, etc. Voice of the Old Ones. Someone who is able to lose the grip of Self and karmic conformity which is nothing left but the Divine. High Priesthood. 6th Sa'din Sa'dina (Protectors of Inner Sanctum of the Well) Totem: Ape Rohania: Al Ker'd Requirements: Voice of the Outside Ones. Within is the current well of knowledge. Warriors of the Inner Sanctum. Same applications, different types of sorcery focused on. 7th Da'i Da'ia (Echo of the Well) Totem: Crow Rohania: Al Gho'rab Current holder or connection of lineage in and out. Higher Council 7 seats made of a Higher Council (3 seats) and a General Council (4 seats). Higher Council within is the triangle with the requirement of the heads from 7th grade, 6th, and 5th. Rest of the General Council is the square of 4 seats. All 4th grades of the General Council have earned one voice. Council structure starts from the 3rd grade. Head of the House Kabil Requirement: 4th grade Ka'hin Ka'hina' Head of the House Sheeth Requirement: 4th grade Ka'hin Ka'hina' Head of the Inner Order Requirement: 4th grade Ka'hin Ka'hina' Head of the Outter Order Requirement: 3rd grade Hu'mz Hu'mza' Also corelates to the 4 Travels 1st and 2nd grade being the first travel. From Creation to Abstract Truth Understanding 3rd and 4th is the second travel. From Abstract Truth Understanding by Creation to Abstract Truth 5 and 6th is the third travel. Abstract Truth to Creation 7th is the fourth travel. From Creation by Abstract Truth to Creation Ha'zia 1°Lady of Valor 💚 Inner Order
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