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Rouh'ani Xi'aet Oils


Rouh’ani Xi’aet is an application of two major ancient knowledge's which are - Simiah and  Himiah. These deploy the usage of oils, minerals, and animistic products in condensing a perceptual impression and facilitates the assembly of attention on an altered state of consciousness. The way the oils or Xi’Aets are condensed differs greatly from the essential oil practice known in the west. 


With the Xi'Aets, the Soul is what is distilled and condensed, not just the Perfume material which yields its fragrance. As such, there is a strict methodology in distilling the oils from their source materials. Except for very few exceptions, the usage of alcohol, hot water, or solvents is considered to be Rouh suppressing in the earlier process of distillation. Using such processes may retain the perfumery notes (which is known as Yesod, or the Body) it loses most of its Soul composition and the energetic attributes which hold its influence together.


Because the process of these Oils is not done using such solvents and distillation processes this becomes nearly impossible to produce large batches. The distillation process of the Xi'aet oils uses cold water distillation and yields a much lower volume, and yet requires the highest quality of raw material. The Rouh'ani oils are not ever subject to mass production. Basic essential oils or sorcery oils never apply the forgotten art of weaving these distillations and cleverly measuring the equivalencies of these condensations of Souls and Spirits.

The formula of Attr is the exoteric form of Rouhani Xi’Aet which means it aims for the perfumery note but retains strict criteria for the nature of the soul distilled in the raw material. This is what’s found in the eastern oils and perfumery known as Attr. Where herein the esoteric formula of the Rouhani Xi’Aet, aka magic and sorcery oils and fluid condensers, the attention is paid not only for the distillation and location of materials but also some attributes of Temperaments, Elements, Divine Names, spirits, spheres, and orbits. Each of the Rouhani letters is based on 3 major Tineen QomQom, which is the dragon vessel and is an annual practice of condensing separate souls and creating one dragon spirit which takes a year to create the form of and it becomes one living thing. Three aspects play into this which are Electrical fluid (light), Feminine Magnetic (dark), the third being the shadow double oil.

All of these oils are used for astral poisons, which means they will affect the human perceptual sphere and astral perception. Some will also elicit some physical reaction to them. A little goes a far way. Even a small amount can elicit separation of attention.

These are very strong, very condensed raw materials and can be highly unfamiliar to the western mind when it comes to perfumery.

$120- $240
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