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The Inner Order


This Closed Group is available only to those who have progressed through the ranks of the teachings and or have taken Initiation into the Order of Al'Hasheen, The O.A..

Unlike the outer order which is open to the public, the Inner Order are those who work together within the framework of the O.A.

Members can take initiation, and or partake in the classes to graduate through the curriculum. This Curriculum is available through yearly tuition or through the O.A. structured 7 initiatory Degrees to those whom choose affiliation with the Sufic Current under the O.A. and through the Obeydia TariQa.

Although not open to the public, through the outer order one can progress to the inner order if they so chose after they make themselves familiar with Our 13 traditions.


The O.A. 13 traditions are the basis and agreement upon which Outer order members affiliates with the Inner ranks.  

Demonstration of understanding and integrating the traditions is the task by which both the O.A. and the Outer Order member assess one another.


Any violation of our traditions results in immediate and permeant ban. 

please study carefully , if its not a code for you there is always the payed madrasa option and the stand alone courses amongst the frequent free study material Sufic Sorcery puts out on its pages.. 

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