The Inner Order


The Inner Order is those who have been initiated into The order of Al'Hasheen and who hold the flame of the teachings. This is a Closed Group and available only to those who have progressed through the ranks of the Inner School and or have taken full Initiation into the Al'Hasheen Order.

Unlike the outer order which is many and open to the public, the Inner Order are those who work together within the framework of the Al'Hasheen and include the Teachers and Seers who are connected to the Current. Those in the outer order can take full initiation, and or partake in the classes to graduate through the curriculum. This Curriculum is available to those who do the yearly tuition, class by class or choose full affiliation with the Sufic Current under the Al'Hasheen Order.

Knowledge and showing the knowledge of such practices and paradigms are a must for the inner order and although not open to the public, through the outer order one can progress through to the inner order if they so chose. Practical and successful operation is needed to move into the Inner Order.