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The Diwan

A Diwan is a place of books, much like a Library. Here you will find all the texts related to the Sufic Current of the Al Ha'Sheen. This includes published personal workings along with Arabic source books which are often not found. The only books that are published through the Al Ha'Sheen Order are books which have ties to the current whether they be in English, Arabic, or a combination of both.

It is within the intent of the Al Ha'Sheen to make the Arabic source books and titles which hold true to the real magical ancient systems.

Some titles are only available in Arabic, while others are offered in both. Please be patient as other titles are added slowly.

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Original Arabic Source manuscripts which are professionally digitized of unabridged manuscripts and newly type-stetted uncensored Arabic editions. Arabic Language Only

English translations of original Arabic Manuscripts. The English translations are a direct translation with attention to translating them based on the metaphysical understandings of when they were written.

Inner Order Texts and Manuscripts which are hinged upon the Sufic Current and the Order of Al Ha'Sheen

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