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ABJD Rouh'ani LVL 1


In this class the student will learn the differences between polychronic and monochronic timelines knowledge modules. With the use of the 28 ABJD letters the student will embark on the path of learning about the temperaments, elements, and directional energies of the 28 ABJD letters. Through these letters the shadow letters are touched upon and the student will dive deep into the other side to pull letters out of the 1st shadow zone and learn how to circulate these through the energy system.

The major working which the student will be part of is creating a second Mandal for the invocation of the Qa’Reen. This larger portal is needed to further the workings within the order and system. The student will be instructed on this process in detail to insure completion and effect.

The 5 gates will be focused upon, along with being able to find and scan power spots for the 5 gates and workings. The less water ritual will be taught and how to make moon water properly. These are just the additional teachings that link the workings of Rouhani level 1.

This is the 2nd trimester course and has to be completed after Cosmology lvl 1 for true understanding and effectiveness.
You will need – Dotted and/square grid notebooks
.5 and .3mm mechanical pencils


Class Contents

  • 1. Polychronic model of knowledge vs. Monochronic model of information
    2. Abstract vs. Causality
    a. Subjective and objective practices of metaphysics.
    3. The Ancient Nature of existence
    4. The ancient Twenty Eight Loci
    5. The perceptual Mirror
    a. Temperaments
    b. Directions
    c. Elements
    d. Day orbits
    e. Planetary formation
    6. The Shadow Letters
    a. The inner Image of the ABJD
    7. The 28 moon mansions
    8. The human energetic orbit
    a. Inorganic double orbit
    b. 1st ring of power and 2nd ring of power
    9. Casting a Circle
    10. The empty astral shell
    11. 7 moveable points – The pathways and circulation (embodiment)
    12. Memoric pathway circulation
    a. Posture
    b. Knotting the Fingers
    c. Zikr
    13. Invoking Qa’reen – The Double
    14. Solidifying the energy double
    15. Access to the first zone of the shadow world

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